Lots of space and organization in digital space

Your benefits

  • Minimize costs in dossier administration
  • Location-independent availability
  • Increased customer satisfaction through quicker response times
  • Dramatic reduction of printing and copying costs
  • Avoid duplicates
  • Central and revision-proof data storage
  • Merge subfiles

Are you desperate for space to store your physical folders? Do you wish you could access your documents anytime and without tedious searches?

EASY ENTERPRISE not only lets you store your documents in a revision-proof manner, it also enables increasing efficiency and at the same time reducing costs and business risks.

By using EASY ENTERPRISE, business documents from ERP systems or e-mails, for example, are automatically and/or manually stored in a revision-proof manner - from the most varied of sources in your existing systems. Of course, digital documents provide at least the same edit options as do paper documents (annotations, Post-It, blackening, etc.). The documents are accessed via the existing user interfaces or a browser. On opening the file the documents are displayed in the familiar structure. Additionally, you can search for individual documents or entire files via attributes or full text, and also across files.

Working with the digital file, and location-independent and simultaneous access associated with this, optimizes cross-departmental and/or cross-location work in particular.

In association with users, we have prepared file structures for you relating to industries and departments. The digital files from EASY enable you to work within your traditional structures, using the benefits of innovative software that allows reducing costs and business risks.